Buyer Protection

GhanaAuction Buyer Protection Program

GhanaAuction Buyer Protection Program is very much like the insurance you have for your property or yourself. It is a very valuable service designed to increase your confidence when shopping online by keeping your transactions protected. With the Buyer Protection program, you know that in the event your encounter a dubious seller or buyer, you money is always covered 100%

Due to online fraud and security concerns, has introduced 4 recognition programs, which serve as the basis for our Buyer protection program. These are the Guaranteed Buyer Program, the GhanaAuction Authenticated Seller Program, the Proxy Buyer Program and the CediEscrow program.

Our Buyer Protection Program is a free service offering
   1. A 100% protection if a Guaranteed Buyer makes a purchase from a GhanaAuction Authenticated seller and the item(s) in question is paid using CediEscrow.
   2. A 100% Protection if the Proxy Buyer service is utilized in a transaction irrespective of the recognition of the buyer and or the seller involved.
   3. A transaction would be protected up to 20% if any member makes a purchase from a GhanaAuction Authenticated seller.

For an item to qualify, the following must have occur
 - Buyer paid for an item but never received the item
 - Item received is not what was advertised on the website

1. The protection program covers only the cost or price of the item. Shipping fee, taxes and other duties are not protected.
2. Seller item was bought from must have a GhanaAuction rating score of not less than 90%
3. Items paid by any other means except CediEscrow wouldn't qualify
4. Transaction must be concluded online at within 45 days.

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