With the resources to provide emerging businesses with the needed facilities, we provide a host of services, which are all related and well packaged to provide you with an ultimate business solution.

Proxy Buyer Service

The issue of online fraud is very real and that is why we have introduced the Proxy Buyer Service, as a counter measure among others, to make this community a safe place to shop. Proxy Buyer acts on your behalf, inspects the item you are interested in, sends you enough description and images to help you decide. It makes the purchase on your behalf, ships the item to you, and sends you the tracking information where available. The Proxy Buyer Service is available for purchases made from sellers located in Ghana.

Identity Contact Verification – GhanaAuction Authentication Program

We verify the contact information of sellers, and provide our platform users with a lot of information that may, to an extent, prove the authenticity of such sellers. This is not to guarantee you of the seller's whereabouts, but to give you an idea of how stable the seller is. We provide you with information that will help you decide whom to trade with. Just look for the seller with the GhanaAuction Authentication seal.

Listing Centres

This service is available to sellers in Ghana. Listing centers are prepaid internet cafes, located in selected towns and cities throughout the country, who offer sellers a free or cheaper alternative to upload items onto our platform. Search our listing centers page, and visit the centre near you today. They may even buy your item outright and pay you cash.

Online Business Solutions

Web Design and Hosting, Domain and Emailing Services and Online Advertising with a world-class hosting company and exciting packages to go with it, we offer you everything from web design, web hosting, domain and email services and online advertising at extra cheap prices you can't afford to ignore. Contact us at.